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Mónica Morado is an incredibly versatile and talented singer from Madrid, Spain. Although just 20 years old, it’s the depth of her voice that is most surprising.   The influences, from Nina Simone to Avril Lavigne, are evident in her phrasing and emotional delivery, demonstrating a maturity beyond her years, yet young and accessible.  She’s fluent in three languages, and self-taught on guitar.

Mónica has just completed her first professional recordings.  There are five original songs composed by recording artist Ethan Winogrand and co-produced with NYC Grammy winning Mick Gochanour.  At times recalling Natalie Merchant, the sound is a sultry contemporary, alternative modern rock in the vein of Death Cab for Cutie, Arcade Fire and The XX's.  It features Mick on guitars and keys, Ethan on drums, Brazilian bassist Tony Cruz, and guest appearance by NY East Village fixture Jimi Zhivago on B3 and piano.

Ms. Morado currently lives in Buenos Aires, where she is in residency until the fall of 2015, when she returns to her home in Switzerland.